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Custom Italian Limestone Columns

The common part of the house that homeowners tend to fix their stylishly designed columns is at the porch area. Columns that are used in this area of the house are usually made of stone, wood and fiberglass  Columns can provide the house with dramatic type of elegance that one can never be tired of. Plus, columns like Roman Corinthian, cream marfil columns, Italian marble columns and cast stone columns are good support for the roof and ceiling of the house that can definitely last for a lifetime if you will have it well maintained and cleaned. With the flexibility of columns, it can bring astounding changes to the overall appearance of a house may they be fixed in the interior or exterior part of the house.

italian limestone column

Fiberglass is a material that can withstand any weather changes and conditions which makes it ideal for porch columns. Even architects, manufacturers and contractors will definitely agree with these claims. You can either have fiberglass square columns or round ones according to your wish. Both will surely improve you New York house.


Just like marble columns, Italian marble columns and limestone columns fiberglass square columns offer several benefits to the owner of the house. Cast stone columns are known to be good at resisting insect penetration, moisture build up and weather conditions. Just like Calcutta marble columns, fiberglass square columns are not hard to maintain. You can even have it painted with the color you want without any trouble. Other columns have benefits common with fiberglass but may differ in some ways as well. You can have a colorful porch with your fiberglass made columns decorated with attractive designs particularly those custom design columns. To help you out with anything that deals with columns, Marvelous Marble Design Inc is one company that manufactures columns. Call 1-888-272-0630 for inquiries.






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