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Tapered Columns in Custom Built Homes

Columns are typically seen round, but there are some people who consider installing the square-type columns, or commonly called tapered columns. They come in all sorts of styles and much like round columns, are made of different kinds of materials. Some of which are fiberglass, wood and brick.

In choosing square columns, one must consider the basic components first. Take a look at the cap, the base, and the column shaft itself, in order to choose the best design and structure for your house or establishment.

tapered column

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Fluting refers to the vertical carvings found in columns. It can also be seen in some round columns, commonly in Doric ones. Although fluting can be done in whichever side of the column, the common design found in square pillars is either in one or two adjacent sides.


This type of square column has been used since the 1800’s. They are distinct because of their elaborate caps; often topped with floral and delicate designs. The base of Romanesque columns is shaped like a trapezoid, giving it a sturdy but still elegant appearance.


Using bricks is the most straightforward approach in designing a square pillar. This material cannot be seen in round columns and are often found outside. Still, some homeowners install brick columns inside their homes, in order to accentuate a brick fireplace or deck.


All columns, whether square or round, have shafts, but not all of them have caps. This is the main element of tapered pillars. The key is to make them appear narrower at the top. In the ancient times, tapered pillars often have floral designs at the top, as replacement for the basic cap.

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